Issues on NextCloud 18.0.3


I have two issues running NextCloud 18.0.3 (the latest stable version). First of all I would like to say that I’m running it on a virtual machine with Ubuntu 18.04, php 7.2, apache2. Secondly, I have the issue that when I play a video logged in the cloud, everything runs alright, but when I share a .mov file, it doesn’t play in Chrome, Edge or Internet Explorer (only on Firefox and Safari). Can this be fixed somehow from the server? Then, I have the issue with the file thumbnails - I downloaded an app called Preview Generator, generated all the previews with the known command /occ preview:generate all (or something like that), the previews are being generated, but then I see no thumbnails on files except the photos (I mostly need them for my video files). Is there a way to achieve this?


maybe that’s right an chrome-“problem”- i was told that you’d need to install an app from the store adding support for .mov-files.

i dunno… maybe it’s the same as in chrome (especially as the latest versions of edge are based on chromium)

u sure that this one works with the new photos-app under nc18+?

Isn’t there a way to use NextCloud’s player when playing shared videos? How come the .mov file is visible when I’m logged into the cloud, but not when I play the shared link? This doesn’t make sense - I can use the cloud player while I’m logged in, but I can’t and have to use my browser’s when I get a shared link…

I need previews for video files, but all I get is for photo files. I’m pretty sure this app works for any files, but I can’t figure out why is it working for only photos in my case.

Thanks once again for your time!