Issues downloading large files via NC web interface on self hosted 16.01 server

HARDWARE: Dedicated Ubuntu 18.04.2 Server with quad core i5, 8GB RAM, 4TB SSD, Gigabit wired ethernet.

LAMP stack Apache 2.4.39, MariaDB 10.3.15, PHP 7.3.5

I used this setup guide and followed it to the T except for substituting my own timezone.

Uploading files, even large ones, the upload starts immediately and with decent speed. Downloading large files takes forever for the download to even start. I counted 13 minutes before a 1GB file would even start to download. A 2.5GB file almost 30 minutes. Once it’s actually downloading the speed is fine.

Watching htop, I can see one of the CPU cores is pegged at 100% while waiting for the download to start while the other 3 are pretty much idle. The RAM usage continually climbs as well. Once the download actually begins all 4 cores are fairly idle and RAM usage drops as well.

Is there anything you can spot within the guide I followed that would cause this behavior or any parameters I can adjust? BTW it is process “/usr/sbin/apache2 -k start” that is using 100% of a single core while the download is being prepared.

Thanks in advance

You can install Netdata and look for the bottleneck

Where would you suggest I look within netdata?


Don’t see anything there that would point to the issue I’m having. Did you look at the guide I posted? Was there anything there that looked off or worth adjusting?

I would say it may be a conf apache2 conf problem, i am thinking of cache/memory sizing.
It could be also a php.ini memory management.

You may try to double check your config in concordance if the 8GB you have.

Also, you may try to enable the following app flowupdate and give it a try.