Issue with SMB under Win10

I have following issue…
I’m at the point where my Nextcloud is working With the smartphone app and with browser. I’m even able to access my folder via Windows network but here comes the issue. I can create folders, load up data ect. but they don’t even appear in the smartphone app or even in my browser. Otherway is no problem, I can upload stuff via app or browser and have access to everything via network folder. Is there anyone who can help me? I’m running Nextcloudpi on my raspberry 3b+. Nextcloud version I’m new to this so let me know if you need any further information and how i get them.


With NC being a web based application and because NC needs to write a DB entry for every file it should serve later, all files need to be uploaded via web or web API.

Meaning, it also won’t work when you upload files via ftp, sup, smb directly to the data folder of NC.

The better way would be to setup a network drive in Windows which is connecting to Nextcloud via webdav.
There is a guide for that somewhere either in the forum here or in the manuals.

The other option is to setup the NC desktop client and create a synch folder on your Win machine.
That way, whenever you place a file in that folder on that Win machine, it will be synched to NC server. Big disadvantage though and probably not the solution for you therefore: Files are stored on your hard disk as well and consume space on Win machine and NC server.
A disadvantage the first option does not have.

Okay thanks a lot.
I will use the NC client for the future, in the end it doesn’t really matter if i use this or a network binded drive.

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