Issue with shared folders between users and LDAP groups - Strange URLs

Nextcloud version : 18.0.4
Operating system and version : Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS
Apache version : Apache/2.4.43
PHP version : PHP 7.2.24

Hi there,

We’re facing a very strange problem right here.

I recently installed a new Nextcloud instance and I connected it to our Active Directory using the LDAP User and Group Backend module.
Everything works well, it finds my different groups and my different users and especially which user is in which group. Fine !

The objective is in fact to create a shared folder by group (Administrative, Accounting, etc …) and therefore users would have access to different shared folders in their tree structure.

So I created an account with administrations rights which will manage all this folder tree and it is he who creates the different folders and who share them to the group concerned (the team_technique folder shared with the team_technique group for example). Once again nothing complicated.

Except that, to take the example of the technical team, the folder does not appear and does not synchronize for some users and it works very well for others for no apparent reason…

Some precisions :

  • there is no warning message on my logs even in debug mode
  • it’s a fresh installation of the instance there is no records in the filecache table
  • AD users are exactly the same with the same rights
  • they are all four in the same group and correctly recognized by Nextcloud whether it is at the level of the group of membership or at the level of the user AD itself
  • I did my tests by connecting with their accounts on a web browser (the same for all four) and it was their “first connection” on the Nextcloud instance

And I get different behaviors some see the shared folder of others not BUT all see in the “Activity” tab that this folder has been correctly shared with them.

So I looked in “Activity” the path to this shared folder for users:

  • those for whom the folder appears have a url that looks like https: //URLOfMyCloud/index.php/apps/files/? dir = / NameOfMyFolder /

  • those who cause problems have an url of the following form: https: //URLOfMyCloud/index.php/apps/files/? dir = / & scrollto = NameOfMyFolder

Would anyone have an idea what’s happens ?