Issue with map drive to windows 10

Hi all,

I have install NC this week .
I follow the tutorial with the scirpt and all work fine after the setup.

ButI have an issue to map the webdav link to Windows 10.
When I configure the network drive or remote location, after accept the securtiy certicat a new windows is open and ask me a card reader (see attach file).

Card reader Certificat

If I cancel the process a got an error :
Operation is cancled by user.

Please can you help me to resolve it ?

Many thanks,



WebDav does not work out-of-the-box (on W10) it seems, following these instructions fixed it.

only if you’d promise to use the built-in search-function of this forum before posting your next issue here, ok? (btw: search-function hindes behind a :mag: in the upper right corner of this screen) - as there are some hints to solve that, already.

hope that some of it might be of any help for you :slight_smile:
good luck

Hi Jimmy,

Thanks for your reply and sorry for this post.
Before to open it, I followed the guide line of NC and i never see i need to be use this app.

I have checked on the forum and the web without result.
Maybe my search request isn’t clear.