Issue with LDAP groups


Using OpenLDAP with memberof overlay enabled. I have the same issue with Owncloud 8.2. Rather than updating to Owncloud 9.0 I decided to test it under NextCloud 9.0. It seems I get the same issue.
Is this a bug or a feature?

My LDAP users can log in, and on their user page it shows their LDAP group memberships.

But those LDAP groups don’t show up in the Group filter (or dropdowns) in the Users page.

The Groups config tab in Admin says ‘N’ groups found - so it’s finding something, is there a way of listing what it has found?
But still these LDAP groups don’t show, only the database defined ones are listed.

I’m guessing it’s an issue with the definition of the LDAP group data, but with no error or feedback it’s difficult to know what to change.


It somehow rings a bell… but I am not sure right now.

Does it work when you disable useMemberOfToDetectMembership?

./occ ldap:set-config $CONFIGPREFIX useMemberOfToDetectMembership 0

You’ll get the $CONFIGPREFIX from

./occ ldap:show-config

the first configuration has typically an empty one, write then just ""

:warning: run occ always as web user

I’m trying to configure ldap as well and I’m not quite sure, whether I understand the option that blizzz posted.
So maybe someone could tell me, whether the ldap groups that should appear in user / group section in nextcloud have to be filled in admin section of ldap in user and group settings or just in one.
We have more than 1000 users. And a user is often member of 2 groups. But as soon as I fill the large group in user and group section, there is just one member in small group.
Maybe an example: most users are in ldap group GroupA. UserA is in small group GroupB and in GroupA. UserB is as well in GroupA and GroupB.
If I configure ldap with GroupB I see UserA and UserB in GroupB but as soon as I activate GroupA in nextcloud admin section, I see users in GroupA, but just one user in GroupB…
My question is, whether this should work in general or is there maybe a limit, that this is my fault…
I’ll check the occ commands… Maybe I found there anything that could help…

Thanks and best regards.

I’m using Nextcloud 13.0.0 on Ubuntu 16.04 with OpenLDAP (slapd) 2.4.42, and I’m seeing exactly the same behaviour. Under

/settings/user and

I can see my LDAP groups. But under

/apps/ildaporg and

they do not show up. I can use my LDAP groups to share stuff too. I tried the stuff @blizzz recommended, but to no avail.

Is there a fix?


The other apps you mentioned are from Alexander Hornig. I don’t know whether he has an account here. Perhaps just open an issue at

This happened here too. You may want to check the different settings under advanced where you can set the association between group and member. For me the default setting didn’t do it, I had to choose memberUid to help nextcloud make the connection between users and groups.