Issue with desktop.ini somehow forcing filenames to revert after renaming

Using Nextcloud in Snap at version 15.0.7, I have this weird issue for one user on Windows 10 LTSB 2016 (which we tried after she had this issue in regular Windows 10 Pro), wherein if she changes a filename and moves the file between folders it reverts back to the previous name. Tests showed this only occurs after the Nextcloud client is installed, and I found that the desktop.ini in the container folder has the rename, instead of the folder itself catching the rename.

I saw that apparently this is ignored if the folder is not read-only but it seems Windows 10 re-inforces read-only, or Nextcloud does, because the entire Nextcloud folder keeps regaining the Read Only aspect.

Is there a reason for Nextcloud folder on the client machine to have the Read Only attribute set? This is oddly a new change (this user was on windows 10 and renaming files and having it stick without problem prior to very recently), so I don’t know if it’s an odd bug with the way the client interacts with explorer, or what specifically it may be.

Any help is appreciated.

How is she doing these operations? Web interface, mounted webdav drive, just in Windows Explorer itself and letting the client try and sync the changes, etc.

To answer the question of “What did you see”, it turned out there’s a very interesting issue in Explorer where if you use the search function then rename an item while in the search view it does not actually rename the file but merely changes the localized filename via desktop.ini. She was obsessed with renaming files in this manner so it was difficult to get her habits to change but that was it. The issue was explained in the microsoft answers thread.

This can be marked solved.

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