Issue template app

I’ve created a small app, that will make submitting useful bug reports to the nextcloud repos a bit easier. Once installed to your Nextcloud it will provide a new section in the settings page called “Issue reporting”. You can fill out the issue template like the one on the server repo and most of the server setup details will be added automatically.

I hope this might save time a bit for some of you and I would really appreciate some feedback.

Download Release v0.0.1



Wow, thats actually great!

My issue template (News app) is very small, however half of the people still fail to fill it out.

Something that I’d like to see is a list of installed apps and their versions

You can also generate the URL by passing the generated content as url parameters ?title=foo&body=bar

This is already implemented. :wink:

I use this when you click the “File a new issue at GitHub” button, but by now Github only supports GET parameters and I remember they were somehow limited in length. Github also fails if the user is not logged in. :frowning: