Issue since migration behind nginx proxy manager

Hi, I’m using Nextcloud VM from since a moment. The setup was configured behing a simple nginx to forward the URL to the server, without any SSL certificate.
Recently, I tried to change my proxy solution for a “nginx proxy manager” (NPM) (almost the same core I believe / nginx…) This allow me to use SSL and certificate/lestencrypt more easily.
But, when I use NPM, the login screen appears as usual, but when I enter my credential and press “Connexion” button, the page never stop processing but stay at login page.
But, If I press refresh on my browser, I’m loggued and in Nextcloud user’s interface …
As soon as I move behing my simple nginx basic solution again, it works fine.
OK, seens to be related to NPM, but all other website behind it works fine.

… And the desktop apps works fine

Any clue, idea ?


Having the same issue. Running NPM on it own server as a docker. Able to connect to the web URL really fast but when logging in it just sit there until I refresh the browser and also true if trying to set it up in the phone app. After the refresh, everything is quick and there are no further issue. Just the initial login is the problem. Running NPM in Ubuntu 20.04 with docker engine and using Let’s Encrypt via NPM. Running Nextcloud 22 on Ubuntu 20.04 with Apache2.

UPDATE…Here what I did to fix the problem:
1-Adding ‘overwriteprotocol’ => ‘https’ to Nextcloud’s config.php
2-Run the following at the nextcloud directory level ‘sudo -u www-data php occ maintenance:update:htaccess’
2-In my case, restarted apache2

This solved the problem for me and login is running as it should and very quick. Also is working with phone app now.