Issue sending notification mail when sharing

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I have just updated Nextcloud version 10.0.1 to latest 11.0.2. After that I cannot see option “Allow users to send mail notification for shared files” in Sharing part in Admin page. So that now when users share any file to other users, they don’t see any button to choose send an email notification for receiver know via mail anymore. Please help if I can enable this function on somewhere. Thanks.


Whether a user receives an email notification for a share (or anything else) can be configured by the user himself on his personal page. So not the “sharer” decides if the user receives an email, but the user himself - which is actually a good thing :slight_smile:

If the user doesn’t want to receive emails in general for shares there is probably not much you can do. Another option I see is to share via email. When you enter the user name in that text field, it usually offers the email address of that user as well. Clicking this, will send an email with an individual public link to that mail address. Side-effect is of course, that this is a public share. If someone gets to know the URL, he can do everything what you allowed the user behind that email to do.
Maybe mentioning the user in the comments of the shared file/ folder is something applicable for you. The user will then see a notification upright in the corner, next to his user name/ avatar.

Thank for sharing your information!

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OK but if we want that the local community logged by LDAP discover NEXTCLOUD, how to inform the local community they have a share over by a mail notification and she is not logged in NC?

Hi all
I’m the administrator an I want all the local users receive an Email notification when a share or other else change for them.
How can i define this by default?
Thank for your works

Hi @guens

You should open a new thread for your questions to be heard. Often nobody looks into threads, that are marked as solved.
Nonetheless, what you are looking for comes with Nextcloud 12:

End of May Nextcloud 12 is going to be released on the stable update channel.

In earlier versions of Nextcloud you can only edit the related fields in the database I guess.

I wait NC 12.