[issue] create an poll

I would create an poll but don’t work.
All boxes are checked.

Use the linked issue tracker on the app store: https://github.com/v1r0x/polls/issues

This forum is not for bug reports or feature requests

Hi, I had the same problem. You entered your possible text answers and afterwards you have to click on the X next to them. These red X become green then and are selected for your poll. It is not obvious unfortunately, but it is not a bug :slight_smile:

But that’s all grist to my mills: I really like the idea and the concept of the app, allowing both internal and public polls. However the GUI is horrible. I got plenty of feedback after my first public poll, that the users don’t get the concept of how to use the polling system.

And I have to admit, setting up a poll wasn’t easy either. It’s really sad, that this wasn’t designed easier and more intuitive.

In the meanwhile I switched to a polls app for Dokuwiki (Doodle 3 plugin) and handle my polls this way. This turned out to work flawlessly for everyone - me on setting a poll up and the users doing the votes.
And still all on my private server… :wink:

If you have ideas for improvements, don’t hesitate to share them via bugtracker as well.

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  1. This Polls NC addon does not even appear listed in the regular Nextcloud Addon’s for NC v13 snap installed users.

  2. After manually adding this Polls addon and inputting all of the information for a Poll, this addon constantly states after the user selects ‘Create new Poll’ “Nothing selected, click on cells to turn them green”. Wow, not even a bubble text hint what ‘cells if any there are to select’. The calendar, by the way, is blue and I have 15 consecutive dates all selected. There doesn’t appear to be any effort on this addon to provide any breadcrumbs or clues what ‘cells’ a user must choose to turn green merely to create a new poll.

  3. For Snap-Nextcloud installed users it appears you first have to manually download the Polls.gz at https://github.com/nextcloud/polls/releases/download/v0.8.1/polls.tar.gz
    and decompress this into the resulting Polls folder.
    Then move or copy the uncompressed Polls folder as root, superuser to the
    /var/snap/nextcloud/current/nextcloud/extra-apps folder.
    Then as the website Nextcloud Administrator login – Apps – Enable the newly added Polls addon.

Why not install it from the apps menu inside the nextcloud installation? Or does the snap installation of nextcloud do the things another way? See: About the polls category

Referring to 2.: I would like to invite you to take part in the development: https://github.com/nextcloud/polls

It is more constructive to create an issue there or join the comunity and help developing the polls app. In the meantime, you maybe like to see the current pull request (https://github.com/nextcloud/polls/pull/315) or the pictures in https://github.com/nextcloud/polls/issues/131

And thanks for your feedback, even if the words sound a little bit unpleasantly.

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