[iso] NextCloudPi - The Missing Manual

NextCloudPi - The Missing Manual

I’m a complete NCP noob, but I’ve managed to get NCP setup on a Rock64 with an external usb drive. However, I’ve spent hours - days - doing it and much has been trial and error through this forum and Internet searches. I haven’t managed to get Letsencrypt or snapshots running, yet. As useful as the current (NCP wiki) documentation is for experienced users, I see the need for a step-by-step (each and every step detailed and explained with screen shots) manual for noobs like me. It should focus on the web UI. Maybe it’s an expansion on the existing NCP documentation, maybe it’s something else.

The TOC would look something like:

  1. NextCloudPi
    A brief history of NextCloud
    What is NCP?
    - core features
    - how it works (i.e. distinguishing NCP from the underlying Linux OS)
    What NCP is not.

  2. Preparing for Installation
    Choosing a SOC

    Choosing a SD card and hard drive(s)
    SD cards
    USB drive versus SATA drive

    Miscellaneous Hardware
    Ethernet Cable

  3. Installing NCP on an SD card

  4. Installing the SD card and Running NCP for the first time
    NCP Wizard
    NCP Admin Panel versus NCP user interface
    Web UI versus terminal/CLI
    Explanation of the Web UI commands and sections in noob terms

  5. Timeout: Some Linux Basics
    What you need to know to use NCP and why
    - what are directories and how to navigate
    - setting up SSH
    - ?

  6. Users! Users! Users!
    Detail what each is, what they’re used for, how to setup, how to delete
    NCP “ncp” admin
    NCP “ncp” user
    NCP users added through the NCP UI
    SSH user

  7. NCP on the LAN
    IP or Address - what are they? Which is better? How to use?
    Basic setup
    - dedicated local IP # either through the router or the NCP Admin UI
    - Formatting hdd(s) - give instructions for one HD, two HDs, USB and/or SATA
    - Basic NCP Settings

  8. NCP on the WAN
    Choosing a DDNS
    Setting up router to use DDNS for each of the DDNS options
    Opening ports - what are they? how to, how to confirm, trouble shooting step by step
    - nc-forward-ports
    - port forwarding (explanation of what it is and real world examples)
    IP # or Address - what are they? Which is better? How to use?

  9. How to setup and use backups/snapshots
    Using 2 or more HD’s
    Step by step setting up snapshots w/clear real world examples
    Onsite backup versus Offsite backup with real world examples

  10. Advanced Topics
    SAMBA versus WebDAV
    Setting up email
    Log files

The manual should make no assumptions about Linux knowledge or computer understanding. Everything should be explained and with screen captures.

Yes, yes, I realize NC/NCP is a volunteer affair; I thought it might be helpful to have an outline of what’s needed and modify and/or fill in the bits.


The documentation is 100% a volunteer affair and new opinions are very much appreciated.

Feel very welcome to join the NCP telegram group

and the documentation subgroup

All existing documentation has been edited by different volunteers. The docs are 100% open access so anybody can improve them. Feel free to change or edit anything that you find missing.

Thanks for your input

Thanks for the reply. Just so it’s clear to everyone, I think what has been done by nachoparker and the volunteers so far is AMAZING. Nonetheless, I just wanted to point out that NCP is still very intimidating to noobs with limited experience.