Is wake on lan possible?

Hi. This is my first post. I was searching this question, but I didn’t found info about it.
I’m planning to install Nextcloud on a pc mostly for file sharing, but I was wondering if there is some app/utility on Nexcloud to turn on another pc on the same LAN. It would be useful to me, so I can left the “server” ON all the day, and turn on my personal computer remotely only if I need. I appreciate your responses.
(Sorry for my english)

I am also searching for a similar solution - I do not want to keep my PC running Nextcloud turned on the whole time. I am very new to Nextcloud and I did not find anything like this being implemented.

I was considering simply making a script that I would execute to send a wake-up packet. Not the most elegant solution, but maybe good enough?

WoL has nothing to do with nextcloud, or any software that runs on your PC. Nextcloud is not running anyway, when your PC is off, therfore it can’t be implemented in the Nextcloud server software. The BIOS of your Computer has to support WoL, but that’s pretty much a standard feature.

If you want to wake your Nextcloud server/PC from outside your LAN, Port 9 (UDP) has to be open/forwarded to your server/PC. You also would need a tool/app on your remote device, that sends a so called “Magic Packet” to your server. In theory this could be implemented in the Nexcloud-Client. But there are plenty of apps and command line tools for every operating system, to send WoL/Magic Packets.

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Thank you for your responses. But maybe I wrote it wrong.
What I need to do is send the magic packet from my NextCloud server to ANOTHER pc on the same Lan. That’s why I’m asking if there is some app to do it on NextCloud

Ah ok. No I didn’t read it right. :wink: And no, there is no app for that as far as I know.

But if you want to access your PC from outside the LAN I would strongly recommend using a VPN, because most Remote Desktop protocols especially RDP, have security issues all the time and I would not expose these directly to the internet. And as soon as you are “VPNed” in to your LAN, you could send a “Magic-Packet” over the VPN-Connection.

Thank you a lot. I’m going to try that workaround. I’m going to look for a vpn