Is this the way to go?

Hello guys

I have 2 computers and 2 tablets that i want to sync files all the time. Half of those files are pictures and the other half are images, rougly i would say 150 GB in total is a good guess…would nextcloud be a good solution for that?

I currently use Dropbox for the files, but as long as the pictures come into play, Dropbox’s 2GB is just not enough…

What would you recommend to do?

Nextcloud can do that for you. You have to decide where to run Nextcloud, either on a device at home (old computer, ARM-board) which is rather inexpensive, or you rent a virtual server.

Make sure you have either root access or a managed service which lets you install Redis and use the command line. You’ll need that to speed up apps like Gallery.

which would be better? old pc or rent a vps?

dont i have to have root access to instal nextcloud too?

I currently use my old pc (3770k cpu + 16GB RAM) as a FreeNAS machine…could it be possible to install it there?

I think FreeNAS and this powerful computer are probably better than most of the NAS solutions. Can you install apache + php + redis on that machine? I would give it a try rather than renting a VPS where with a small harddisk and shared resources.

I am not sure if i can do that stuff (i dont want to risk to damage my freenas!)
freenas has a plugin for owncloud though, is there going to be one for nextcloud?

This plugin wasn’t built by owncloud and neither will nextcloud do it. It’s more an effort by the FreeNAS community. But if you know how to build the owncloud-plugin, nextcloud will be more or less the same.

FreeNAS supports VirtualBox “jails” - so you can just fire up a vm and install a linux distro such as CentOS or Ubuntu and configure Nextcloud from there.

I have nextcloud on my Synology NAS, i use the NAS also for backing up data/files from my devices and other tasks (VPN, Downloads, etc). You could think of a NAS as an alternative. They are not that expensive and use way less energy than a Server/PC. A Raspberry is cheaper and uses even less energy but it is also slower.