Is this the correct ownCloud 8.2.3 > Nextcloud 10 migration path?

Hey there,

I have an old install of ownCloud with data that I’d like to get into Nextcloud 10. I just wanted to confirm that the correct migration path would be the following manual upgrades:

ownCloud 8.2.3 > Nextcloud 9.0.53 > Nextcloud 10

The data I want is in the contacts, calendar and bookmark apps. I’m presuming the versions mentioned in the upgrade path above would carry compatability across, right?


PS, for the record, no, I haven’t been just using ownCloud 8.2.3 while being an NC contributor all this time! :astonished: This is data from my old server that I never bothered to migrate. NC 10 runs on my main site! :wink:


Well now we’re going to need proof :wink:

On the basis NC is a direct drop in for OC 9 I don’t see any issue upgrading from OC 8.2.3 to NC 9.0.53, although if I were to do it right now I’d probably update to OC 9, swap to NC9 and update to 10. So clarification would indeed be useful.

I think you should first update to 8.2.7, and then tot NC 9.0.53 and 10.


Yes! (I confim wiht 20 characters.)

where can I download 9.0.53 ? the download page just offers 10.0.0
I want to upgrade from oc 8.2.1

found it

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I can confirm that 8.2.7 (from debian packages) -> 9.0.53 (from zipfile, and changing to php7 along the way) -> 10.0 works and preserves data in calendar, contacts, news and tasks. Well, and your files, of course.

Still: You want to have a backup before upgrading. Database and files, of course!

calendar and contacts will auto-upgrade, news and tasks have to be installed manually (but will remember their previous data).

I don’t even see a calendar option in any Nextcloud version. I migrated from OC 8.2 to NC 9x to NC 10x to NC 11x to NC 12x and I don’t see calendar or contacts anywhere.

Am I missing something?

UPDATE: Figured it out. In NC 12, I was able to go to apps -> disabled apps and update calendar, contacts and tasks, and then enable them.

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