Is there way to make NextCloud apps a standalone webapp?

Hey all. Is there a way to make a NextCloud app run as a single webapp (dedicate chrome webapp window)? I would really like to have a dedicated webapp for the Nextcloud Notes app.

Yes there is on NC22.2.0 and above. See

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Thanks. I’m still on NC 21. I’ll look into upgrading.

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Additional hint: the theming app must be enabled on your server in order to make it work.

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Okay. I’m a but lost here. I’ve upgraded to NC 22.2.3 and installed and enabled the Theming app. I’n not sure how to make an NC Notes webapp without having the whole NC web interface. Is there a step I’m missing?

  1. enable theming app on the server
  2. open the notes app in the webinterface
  3. follow those steps: (and check the option to open the app in a new window)
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Not quite what I was expecting, but it works well enough.