Is there any way to remote control the Access Control List (ACL) feature?

Is there any way to access the Access Control List (ACL) feature of folder by remotecontrol?
I would expect it in OCS API. But i cannot find it.

Is it planned? Or is there an alternative way?

This is my use case:
I program in a small team a software to generate template structures in nextcloud for similar workgroups on different locations. They have all the same workflow.
E.g. if a new work group starts, they shall have a predefined folder structure. Some people are admins, some have only read only status. ACL seems the right tool for us to allow to share files within groups as well as other groups. A manually configured setup works fine for us.
We made a webfrontent, to allow the management to create this structure by a simple button.

In Backgroup, Users are created and synchronized by LDAP feature. With OCS REST API it works great to make folders automatically. But we could not find a way to set the ACL rights automatically.

I couldn’t find a reference in the documentation. You can check out the app repo if you can find something and do a feature request there:

@David_Buchanan did you figure out some solution for this? I’m looking for something similar