Is there any issue with skipping major versions and just jumping to latest?

Hello there,
I am trialing updating from version 17, the first time round I did each version individually, ran the upgrade script / occ each time and worked my way up, second time around I have just jumped straight to the latest version and done a file rescan.
My files seem accessible, nothing looks obviously broken, is there anything lurking that could catch me out?

You can make a backup of the files, install a fresh new Nextcloud version e.g. Nextcloud 27 and then make a occ files:scan --all that Nextcloud knows all your files. But all other data e.g. shares are gone. For pure data storage, however, this can be a useful method.

occ files

Thankyou for your fast response :smiley: much appreciated for the answer.

just wanted to note that shared things from another user still seem to be working okay