Is there any Group Calendar add-on similiar to Group Folder

The title says it all.

In details I would like to be able to have a calendar which ownershop is shared by all members of a group so that not only it is available to all members of this group but also is manageable by all members of the group and alive as long as the group exist.

With the current feature (creating a calendar and then sharing it with a group) not only the URL refers to the creator login but I am afraid that when the user is removed the calendar is also removed.

No, this is not possible at the moment.

See Issues · nextcloud/calendar · GitHub for related issues.

I think the only workaround for the moment is to create and use a dummy user who is the owner of the “group” calendar and will never be removed :wink:

Which is not serious at all (even less when user are managed through an LDAP directory) and thus not a usable workaround in serious environment.

I looked through the issues with the search feature but was not able to find which issue is a blocker for such feature. Any idea?

I found issue #3044. Looks like the feature we are looking for was suggested but not yet accepted. Maybe if more people want or like it?