Is there an app that runs before nextcloud login?

Is there an app that runs before nextcloud login? Something I could change a little bit?

There are apps like bruteforcedetection, 2FA which are integrated in the authentication process. There is also a welcome screen or something for new users, you could get some ideas.

If you want to automize things, the checkout the workflow stuff where you can impose certain things on specific files to follow a specific procedure (e.g. uploaded documents are converted to pdf).

For regular routines, apps can also run cronjobs (News app, notifications, …). So it doesn’t have to be linked with a login.

It depends a bit on what you are planning to do.

Login notes can be displayed to someone (when they are not logged in).

I’ve the api and the documentation multiple times. Unfortunately, it assumes a lot from the reader. For example on:
Two-factor providers — Nextcloud latest Developer Manual latest documentation it show “implement this code”…
Implement where?
Let’s say I have downloaded the sample app on folder …nexcloud/apps/mytestapp/ where I have folders:
… and some files.
Where (filename) would I implement the code?

Setting up 2fa is simple as pie. Just install the app and configure it from the admin settings. Definitely no need to alter it in any way… anyways, good luck with that.

Can you be more specific. Which “2fa”? Thera are several with “Two factor authentication” in description.