Is there a way to send a welcome email with create password link when account is created

I m not sure if this is possible, but I would like to create the accounts in NextCloud. I don’t want to create the password though. as soon as I create the account, I would like nextcloud to send them a welcome message with a link that basically brings them to the forgot password screen so that they can create their own password. Otherwise I create the account, put in a random password, then go login as them and click the forgot password so that they get the email.

Is that possible?



Yes of course.

  1. in the user menu, click on settings (bottom left) and mark the checkbox that an email should be sent to new users.
  2. Create a user and give him no password.
  3. Then the user automatically gets a welcome email with advice that he must set his password.

Awesome, I never even thought to look there. Thanks for the quick response.


I would not see that settings button down there if it wasn’t for your reply! Thanks a lot. :slight_smile:

Could you possibly know whether the email is sent right away, or it takes time - like waiting for a cron job to send the email-?

Hey, the Mail should be sent right away, if you still have problems try sending yourself the Welcome-Mail again (Users, the three dots on the right and resend Welcome-Mail), this should be nearly instant.