Is there a way to limit creating of folders in Home except for the Admin account?

Hello Forum,

We are using Nextcloud 12.0.3. I’m setting up my Nextcloud where all folders in the root (Home) of our Nextcloud are created by the Admin account only. We’ve asked that all users not create folders in their Home directory. Admin will setup their home directory and create the folders users need. Admin will then share out the folders people need to see/use and within these shared folders a user can create folders as necessary.

Is there a way to restrict users from being able to create folders in their home directories but still allow users (based on how the Admin account shares out all folders) to create folders in the folders Admin has created and shared to them?

Thank you.

Hello Forum,

I’ve done some more digging. Others have requested this ability and it seems the workaround is to set the quota to be 0 bytes for a user which ensures that they can’t then upload files to their home folder. This was removed but is being added back in for a future update to Nextcloud:

But even when this is allowed, this will still result in two problems for me.

  1. My users will then receive an error message that their storage space is full: “Your storage is full, files can not be updated or synced anymore!”. I’m setting this value intentionally so I don’t want to have this displayed when I’ve set the quota to zero.
  2. The second issue is that my users are still allowed to create folders in their home directory. I’ve instructed users to not do this but I would prefer that the message be consistent and have Nextcloud not allow them to create folders themselves in the home directory.

I know I can modify the files.js file to remove the error message but I’d rather have Nextcloud give me the ability I need.

Does anyone have advice or a plugin or app I can use that will give me this functionality?

Thank you.

Did you find a solution? Thanks

Sadly I have not been able to find a solution for my question.