Is there a way to know which users are connected?

Hi, i want to know which user is connected at a T time to my Nextcloud server, There is an information about how much are connected, but not who.

Is there a way to know it ?

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Not a really good solution to your problem, but somehow working for me:
install the Chat-App and see who is online there.
This totally depends on the users. If they want to be online incognito and use “login without Chat” or set there status to “Offline” all the time, then this doesn’t help at all of course.


I have also been searching for solution to know which usernames or users are logged in. Hovering over “5 mins: 3” would show “user1 user2 user 34” or something like that. If I knew exactly, I could for example decide if I’m safe to reboot immediately or wait until night. Aka non-critical users logged in.

Not just totals as in picture below