Is there a way to keep synching my files to hard drive as my nextcloud runs on cloud

I am looking around a way to keep synching all my users files to a hard drive for a safety if anything goes wrong with my cloud instance. As of I am using Oracle cloud to for my Nextcloud AIO, I am not sure how much reliable it is and don’t want to loose my data by any means.

So can someone suggest me a way like whenever is plugin my hard drive to my laptop it automatically starts synching all the files to my hard drive which are being uploaded by the users in nextcloud.

This sounds like the wrong approach to me. You should rather sync the AIO backup archive to a different storage location for additonal safety. Here are a few pointers how to do that: Support remote borg repos · Discussion #1068 · nextcloud/all-in-one · GitHub

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but the thing is backup will be created in cloud I want the raw data and folders locally that if anything goes wrong there my data is with me…
Or like can you help me how can I take a backup of this to my local machine using your approach

You can always extract the raw data from the backup archive easily. See GitHub - nextcloud/all-in-one: Nextcloud AIO stands for Nextcloud All In One and provides easy deployment and maintenance with most features included in this one Nextcloud instance..

Syncing it from thr remote server to a local machine should be possible. E.g. with rsync via SSH.

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I do not have much knowledge about this, If possible can you share a YouTube Video link ?? Cause it will be a bit difficult for me to understand this…

Basically you want to create a script that gets triggered on the local machine when the drive gets connected, runs some commands via SSH to assure that the sync can run safely (pointer: AIO Borg Backup + Crashplan - #13 by szaimen) and sync the backup archive to the local machine.

However I fear since most of this is linux knowledge and not really AIO related, I don’t have the time to help you here. Hope that someone else steps in to help you on this and Google is your best friend :wink:

I did not understand if you want to have a local server doing sync on a hard drive or if you want your PC to do it.

If you want to sync from a local server then you can look into YouTube video for nextcloud
backup - you will just need to do it in reverse.

Otherwise you can simply run the nextcloud client on your PC.

You always nee a Backup for Restore. This includes your issue. Whether you use rsync or anything else doesn’t matter for now. It is not enough to just backup the data, you also need to backup the database. Also, in case of an error, you need to get it running again somehow. Test it.

If you are not able to do this (e.g. no knowledge) and the data is important, you should probably get a Managed Nextcloud with backup by a provider. Search Managed Nextcloud.

AIO actually includes backup solution but not a remote one.

Ok. In here you can find:
-o device="/host_mnt/c/your/backup/path" ^
I think you must sync the data from this path to local.
Use one of the solutions above.
Please also test that the backup works. Make a restore.