Is there a way to Decrypt all Files in your Nextcloud

So we needed to reinstall Nextcloud. Because our Drive which ran Nextcloud died
Thankfully all Data was running on an external drive.
So I reinstalled NC on another drive imported the MySQL DB into the new one and mounted the Data drive to /var/www/html/nextcloud/data problem is they are all encrypted, everything was encrypted with a masterkey but when i try to decrpyt with the decrypt-all command it result in the output “Could not decrypt private key” I even tried it with the decrypt-all-files script from @yahesh
But even when I use the script where I have all I need it still gets me the result “Could not decrypt any private key” I need those files decrypted and at this point im at a loss.

@Meclee The main recovery script has moved to nextcloud/encryption-recovery-tools and has seen a lot of improvements in the last couple of weeks. Maybe you want to give it another try and open a Github issue if something doesn’t work.