Is there a way to create a bookmark button to auto-create a new text doc dialogue?

I’d like to be able to really quickly create a new text doc, ideally by just clicking on a bookmark link in my browser (Firefox) bookmarks bar. Is this possible somehow?

Basically, I want to be able to go directly to here:

Screenshot from 2020-07-19 19-31-05



Sorry, afaik such a function doesn’t exist.

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The problem is it uses Javascript and needs cookies, …

Perhaps you can use WebDAV mechanism to create files.

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Thanks, any clues as to how I might try that?

Sorry i a m only a linux user on the client. You can mount your nextcloud with davfs2 .

After mounting the webdav dir i think you can “touch” the file in the remote directory.
With a webservice you can use perhaps php, a text field or get-parameter in url and php touch.

I think it is not a good idea.

Another way is a php-script, get-parameter, direct touch a file in the normal filesystem (datadir-nextcloud). But in this case you must use “occ scan” that nextcloud find the new file.

I think is also no good idea.


Perhaps you can use a nextcloud api.
Can someone help with that?

Thanks for your ideas.

I’ve just realised that since I’ve got my Nextcloud added under Settings -> Online Accounts (I’m on Ubuntu 20.04), perhaps the easiest way is to just open a normal text file as usual, but then to ‘Save as’ directly to my Nextcloud as a .md file. Not quite what I was after, but pretty close. :slight_smile: