Is there a way to add an exception to Nextcloud to let it operate or upload when connected to a VPN?

I am using AdGuard on my Android phone right now, I just got a premium trial a few days ago.
I would like to purchase and use it indefinitely, but I’m facing a hurdle with it auto uploading when I am connected to the AdGuard VPN.
Nextcloud Android will not auto upload my photos/videos on wifi when AdGuard has it’s VPN enabled.
I was wondering if there is a way for Nextcloud to add an exception to upload even when I am connected to that VPN?

Is the nextcloud server in your local network? If not it should be available through the vpn. Also if you use https the connection between your device and the nextcloud server is encrypted, regardless of the vpn.
If the server is in your local network you can try to access it directly over the ip. I don’t know which settings adguard has, but if you can connect using openvpn you could allow connections to the local network.

Yes the server is on my local network, however it is being routed via external DNS.
The server also uses https.
I have the uploads setup so that they kick off as soon as the phone connects to WiFi, be it at work or at home.
But I have observed that with AdGuards VPN connection the upload does not kick off until I pause adguard.
Doesn’t matter if I’m at Home or at the Office.

Does manual upload over the vpn work? Have you enabled vpn data in the settings for the app?
If manual upload works I’m out of ideas, unfortunately.

Have you enabled vpn data in the settings for the app?

Didn’t know there was such an option in the Android App.
Where do I find this setting?

It’s in the system settings -> Apps -> nextcloud -> Data usage -> enable VPN Data. It looks like this:

Hmm I can’t find that option in Android 10 (Q), what android version are you using?

I’m still on android 9, maybe they removed that option again :slight_smile:

I have a feeling it’s still there, just buried under a new menu.

I think I’m facing the same issue. Picture uploading from Nextcloud app on Android 10 fails if I’m connected to my home-based VPN, which gives me access to my home LAN. Nextcloud is only accessible from VPN or LAN, for extra security.
Access works just fine. Auto uploads though, don’t. Has anyone figured out how to fix this?