Is there a way for nextcloud to utilize GPU?

when im scrolling through images on my nextcloud app on my phone i can see that the CPU on my server is running at 99%. i have a 1660 gpu in the server, is there anyway for the nextcloud to utilize it instead of the CPU?

No, there isn’t.
It makes no sense, trying to handle a grapical device like a central processing unit.

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thanks for that information

when im scrolling through images

You may want to look into the preview generator app and to pre-generate Images thumbnails and previews in order to avoid pegging your CPU during general browsing activities.

Also using the Imaginary container tends to be a bit more efficient.

As to using your GPU If you’re using the Memories or machine-learning apps like recognize you can utilize the GPU for Video decoding or machine-learning hardware acceleration. Image resizing is technically possible with the GPU but would take a bit of work to get working for probably little to no performance boost.


Awesome!. Will look into this! Great info

I setup imaginary on docker and added it to my nextcloud config.php file and it seems to be loading the images way faster and offloading the CPU. very cool. could i also use the preview generator app as well?

Yes, imaginary is hooked into Nextcloud’s Preview providers so the preview generator will use that.