Is there a special administrator page somewhere?

So I installed Nextcloud on my new NethServer and it looks pretty cool. However, I can log in as admin or as my regular user and in either case all I see is files. I keep reading where you can add apps and change the theme etc… but I don’t seem to have that ability. What am I missing here?


11 - (apps are on the left) :

I’m on 12 but unfortunately I don’t have that option.

From that screenshot it looks like the admin user doesn’t really have admin privileges. Is it the same user that has been created during the installation process?

Then you’re not an admin :slight_smile:

After asking over at the NethServer forum I found that there is another admin user with the default login credentials of admin/Nethesis,1234. not sure if thats a Nethserver or Nextcloud thing but either way I’m in. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction guys.

Definitely Nethserver chap, default NC ships without a predefined admin account :slight_smile: