Is there a possibility to add a delay between filechange and upload?

I usually save files I am editing very often, but I don’t want that nextcloud is uploading the file every time I change it. Especially if I am syncing a programming directory there is the problem that everytime I run the complier my files are immediatelly uploaded.
This behavior uses much internet volume and stresses the cloud storage…

So is there a possibility to add a delay (about 30 minutes) between filechange and upload?

Thank you for your help in advance!

Yes, you can configure “remotePollInterval 30000 Specifies the poll time for the remote repository in milliseconds.” for the client.

Thank you for your answer!
But is this variable not used to specify the frequency of asking the server for changes?
I want to have a delay before uploading a file after changing it…

Ah, great point. Then I suggest asking for a feature in the client repo … or upstream.

Thank you for the tip, I will ask there.