Is there a place on this forum for job postings?

a quick question because I couldn’t find info on this in descriptions of forum categories or using the search function.

Is there a place on this forum to advertise job postings?

We’re an IT company and we’re currently looking for Nextcloud IT-Admins (part-time or full-time, so no freelancers), and obviously there are very knowledgeable people around here. I couldn’t find job postings in any of the categories, though (correct me if I overlooked them). So I wanted to ask first to make sure it is okay to use the forum in this way (and which category).

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Tina for the LaceWingTech team

Try here:

See and it’s subcategories.

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@stefan-niedermann Beated you in the same second :grin:

I don’t think so! :laughing:


It looked different some seconds ago. Fake news :newspaper_roll:

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Thank you!