Is there a "Nextcloudpi on Odroid HC2 with SSD/HDD" install guide?

first of all huge thanks to @nachoparker for the whole nextcloudPI project. You enabled me to run my first secure “cloud” in my own home with very affordable Hardware and a very easy installation process.
I loved the NCP on my RPi3b, it worked great with simple Calendar and Notes jobs.
However, i used old and “questionable” Hardware for the Project and now its time for an upgrade.

I bought an Odroid HC2 and i am planning on using it with a SSD to host my new Nextcloudpi instance. First setup tests were okay and after a lot of googling and reading forums even SSH wasnt that hard to set up (after all, hindsight is 20/20).
I found that, while the Nextcloudpi project itself is awesome, the documentation - for me at least - is somewhat lacking. For the life of me i can not figure out, how to properly setup a harddrive as the main drive for the NCP. Yes there are USB Database settings in the web panel, but nothing for a Harddrive. I am just beginning with the whole Linux system and while i like it, i still seriously lack skills therein. So terminal usage feels quite sketchy, especially since there is no “real” documentation for NCP.

I am aware of Docker, or a “normal” Nextcloud installation on a Linux system, however the Nextcloudpi on a Raspberry was a very wholesome experience for me and, especially as an beginner, very doable with the documentation. So i would like to stick with it, albeit with better Hardware.

so, TLDR:

  • Great work nachoparker, many thanks
  • NCP on Odroid HC2 very doable
  • Harddrive setup not so much, need help!

Just follow the wizard, or do nc-datadir.

Please help improve the documentation if you find anything confusing. The wiki is public and written only by users like you.


Thanks for the quick reply,

so just to clarify:

  • the wizard (or nc-datadir) makes no difference to using an USB-Drive or a SATA conneced Harddrive?
  • will nc-format-USB also work to prepare the drive connected via SATA for NCP?

Will try my options once im Home, if it works out i’ll try adding to the wiki.

EDIT: “problem” solved. Apparently it was that easy

NCP wizard does not care if its an USB, or SSD.
I wondered more than i should have about “Why are there USB settings, but no HDD” - which makes sense from the raspberrys point of view.

Thanks again!
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Yes, I was confused by that as well when running the wizard for the HDD attached via SATA to my Odroid HC-2. Since the SATA-Bridge is connected to the CPU via internal USB this may be technically correct but is very confusing for young players. Perhaps a better word could be used instead of “USB” or at least add in brackets “(or SATA drive)”.