Is there a nextcloud SDK for Android

Is there an android sdk? I would like to be able to create my own mobile application with a specific gui?

For UI elements there is little available. We usually try using Material Design Components.

nextcloud/android-library is mainly used by the Nextcloud Files app for WebDAV stuff and connecting to the files backend.
nextcloud/android-common is relatively new and contains currently mainly theming stuff (check out the issues of this repo for more ideas)
nextcloud/android-singlesignon is good for managing easy, safe authentication with a great UX and supports the same network stack like the files app (self signed certs, other edge cases) - a good choice and recommendation, it requires users to have the Nextcloud files app installed though.
stefan-niedermann/nextcloud-commons is a 3rd party community lib providing a reusable markdown viewer / editor and some other tooling like exception handling and a Glide integration. Requires nextcloud/android-singlesignon.

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Thank you for the quick and helpful response