Is there a list of app compatible with php 8.x.x

Hi Folks,

quick question - php 8.x.x is available at my shared hosting … before touch this topic

Is there some sort of list - displaying app which are compatible / can run on php 8 - and also which are not / are deprecated?

Thank you for the help!

Yes. Next time please use the search function:

Thank you @stefan-niedermann

Looks like my search terms were not good enough to find that post…

php 8 apps did the trick :wink:

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yeah, … my search syntax was way too creative :smile:

@stefan-niedermann Are you running your nextcloud instance already on php8?
if yes what is your experience in terms of speed, performance and resource usage…

Would you recommend the upgrade to php8, or better wait?

Thank you

I tried it once (some time ago) but there were some issues left, so i switched back to PHP 7.4 - can’t tell you more therefore unfortunately :man_shrugging:

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