Is there a limitation on file name length?

Dear Nextcloud experts,

On my Linux computers, I have a folder with a lot of PDF files in subfolders and set up a folder sync with the desktop client. The synchronization stops at some point with a “connection closed” and “operation canceled” error message. It seems to be stopping at a file with a particularly long file name. Therefore my guess is, that there is some kind of limitation to the file name, or absolute path including the file name.

The file system I am using on the clients and on the server is EXT4 and I am not having any issues using those files on the command line, the file manager, or any software I have been using them with so far. For instance, one of the problematic files has a file name of 244 characters, together with a path of 24 characters.

If I rename the files listed in the error message, the synchronization is successful. Of course, this would be a solution to the problem, but I am interested, why there is this limitation and if there is a way to keep the original file names. The full name helps me find the articles I need at a later point.

Thank you very much for your help!



There does seem to be a limitation on filename length. I have a file that I uploaded with about 131 characters in the name… it would successfully upload, then disappear from the web client. If I uploaded one with about 120 characters, that would show… until I renamed it from the web app, then it “disappears”.

The files still exist on the underlying filesystem (with win95 style 8.3 names with the tilde in them, ugh), but the web app thinks they’re gone. These are straight ascii, no umlauts or extended stuff.

The iphone app does no better… still missing there too.

exactly exactly the same problem… articles with long title/filename don’t get synchronised… I think this should deserve a bug report…