Is there a limit on how many recipients (Email-addresses) I can send to?

Hi, my mail app works fine testing with simple mail sending and receiving.

When I try to send a mail, however, to 80 recipients it gives me a positive feedback in the top right pop-up (mail successfully sent) but just deposits the e-mail in the outbox with (seemingly) no further action.
I do realize that also single recipient mail needs a couple of seconds, so should I just wait (let’s say 10 minutes)? Seems a bit awkward…


Mail-App v 1.14.1
nextcloud hub II (23.0.5)

If it is the mail app, it should show you a warning, so it’s probably not the mail app (I actually don’t know). Mailservers often limit the number of recipients per mail to prevent spam, even some of the receiving mailservers more easily tag this as spam. If you have access to the mailserver, I’d check at this point if you can see in detail what’s happening. And for multiple recipients it would be better to use mailing lists.

Thank you for the reply.
I should have mentioned that i sent the same E-Mail via Thunderbird without a Problem to the 80 recipients. Therefor I am quite positive that there is no problem with the mail Server.
Any more ideas?

Hi, I’ve been digging a bit, but am at a complete loss here.
Probably I should file a bug report, but maybe you can find my mistake. here is what I have:

  • multiple e-mail-addresses using the same domain
  • email-addresses and passwords saved in my browser’s password manager
  • all email-adresses work on the domain’s webmail
  • copy&paste email-adresses and passwords from password manager to NC Mail App (automatic setup)
  • ALL email-accounts do show up and load inbox correctly (IMAP works, obviously username and password are correct)
  • trying to send an EMail from each account (different addresses), but only some work :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
  • I cannot find out why some work and others do not (as they all work on webmail!)

i can reproduce the error for some of the adresses:

  • hit send, it gives a green notification “successfully sent”
  • goes to the outbox, where it is supposed to sit a couple of seconds (i guess)
  • then red notification saying “could not delete message”
  • email stays in outbox, unsent.

:thinking: any ideas?

tried different NC-accounts as well…