Is there a guide for the complete novice?


I am obviously thick and confused.
I did not realize that Nextcloud is not like Dropbox.

I actually need to have my own server first before I can install nextcloud. nextcloud does not provide me with the server.

so is there a guide to the steps a complete beginner needs to take in order to accomplish a server with next cloud software on it??


Here is a complete guide to install a server on a raspberry Pi and then install nextcloud.
It’s in french…

Here is guide for apache2 and Linux Mint 18.2
on russian

That’s the beauty of Nextcloud, you don’t have to trust anybody with our data and you can host them yourself. There are also companies offering you Nextcloud and you have to trust them somehow. But Nextcloud itself does not provide Nextcloud hosting.

There are plenty of installing guides, it can depend on your system, hardware, … if you just want to have a look, then you can install it in a virtual machine.

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Check out
the officially supported raspberry pi image, worked like charm for me.
On Ubuntu use snap to install a Nextcloud instance, needing very few steps to get up and running.
I used

sudo snap install nextcloud

Tutorial at

i am working on linux mint and i dont think it does snap.
i’ll have a look though.

Real great thanks for the links


Mine should set you up nicely on Mint (Ubuntu based):

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Thanks for this
As i am not a professional it will probably take me a while to read and understand and make many mistake on the way.