Is there a Firewall?


I’ve been running NC for a long time now probably over a year now and we use it very heavily in our workflows. Recently however folks outside of the US (it seems) have been having issues and even when they ping our server using command and terminal they are loosing 100% packets.

I checked dns and everything is perfect. Even confirmed with dns support. I checked with my isp and everything is perfect.

Locally we aren’t having the issues and the server has been responding extremely well.

I’m looking for some ideas w/ guidance because I know basics I’m not a wiz.

Is there any firewalls that could be interfering with my NC. I’m running NC 23.2 it hasn’t prompted me to update to the latest 23.3. I doubt this is the issue.

I’m running on Ubuntu with a snap install. Everything is updated on the server.

Thank you for your time.

Are you running nextcloud behind any proxy or cloudflare proxy ?
Are all users using the server over its public domain or are some using a local IP ?
How long have the people outside the US had these problems ?
Do you have a residential or business grade ISP contract for the server location ?
Which DNS Server are the people with problems using ?
When people with a working connection to nextcloud and without resolve the IP of the Domain of your Nextcloud Server do they get the same IP adress ?
Does the router in front of the Nextcloiud server have any fancy threat protection features (like Ubiquity Threat management) ?

Firewalls are entirely up to you. If you maintain your Nextcloud you’ll have total control over any firewall security measures, including a lack there of.

Hope you sort it out.

Thank you guys for the ideas to look into. We figured it out and shockingly it was not what I thought it was. For some reason one of these out of country accounts using the windows nextcloud app was out of sync and had to completely remove the app and the folders and set it up again. They shared a screenshot of the folders and some of them didn’t match the server which was a red flag.

Seems now to be working flawlessly. Is there a way to keep this from happening? It could have been during a server outage (power outage) that caused their work and folder structure to not sync while the server was down. I’m not sure.

I am still confused why I am able to ping our web address with 100% packet success and they are losing 100%.