Is ther any option of USERS in group admin panels?

Required USERS panel in normal user id,
a normal member just want to create users and no other Rights required.
Is ther any option of USERS in group admin panels?

I think that is not possible. Maybe you can write a php script to add user credentials in a csv-file and then use e.g. CRON to execute a script with occ:user-commands. Also look this script (not tested).

I may be misunderstanding your question, but:

You can set a user to be a group admin for an arbitrary group. That user can then create users in that group.

Hello @PharmEvo_Pvt_Ltd!

In our Nextcloud instance, there is an administrator and various admins who have fewer permissions.
Here we have created a group in the administrator account and in the administrator settings under “Administrator rights” we have given this group the authorization for “Overview - Security & setup alerts”, “Support”, “Group folders” and others, which in my opinion are not relevant. With these group permissions, users who belong to this group have the authorization to create users.

However, they do not have ALL administrator authorizations.

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