Is that WebDav Drive mapping works on Real Time collaboration Editing.?

Hi Team

We are planing to use NC on production with online office but both collabora and only office does met our requirements. So now we decided to go with WebDev sync.
Is This method working for collaborative editing docs…?
Is it sync with real time with every user…?
All of my users are writing same excel file on different location. So we have little doubt with this webdav method…

If you open directly via webdav, the file should be locked. Such a function would probably require some communication between the clients. I don’t know if any desktop office application provides such features.

Yes you’re correct already i tested with webdav and online office editor at same time but unforunately unable to save docs in online editor but it’s works on webdav.
So only i thought can we use webdav for collaborative editing for docs.

Is that any way real time sync with files…?

Collabora and OnlyOffice are there for a reason. You can either use those or you’ll have to go with MS cloud/Google Docs. In no way will you be able to use WebDAV or any other file-based access for collaborative editing. If it were that simple, anyone would do that already.

You can do collaborative editing with a commercial client called WebDrive. I work for the developer of this product. WebDrive has a setting that will put an auto DAV lock on the file, so that you can edit the file from its native application, and the file will be locked for other users, preventing the risk of file overwrites. You can download a full function trial to see how it works for what you are trying to do.

Hope this helps.