Is Talk Android 8.0.9 compatible with NC 19


Just a quick question, as we need some new feature from NC19/Talk9.
As Talk 9 is not available on Android yet, does 8.0.9 work with Talk 9 on NC 19?

Thanks a lot.

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In my test with the talk 9 beta version it was not, needed to install it via apk:


So only Beta ?

Seems that there are some communication breakdowns in Nextcloud Community

Is wrong so…

Seems so, but got hangs/crashes on android with this version so be warned. Needed this to test the signaling server before the stable release of 19. In the playstore only Talk 8.0.9 is available for me…
But havent tested this since the stable 19 release so maybe this information is incomplete

What is the answer please ? Is Android Talk 8.0.9 compatible with Nextcloud 19 ? :slight_smile: