Is not working anymore?

It seems that is not rescanning some sites, even after multiple retries, it has been stuck since at least 07/12/23.

Is something wrong?

Working for me at the moment including triggering a re-scan and waiting a few minutes:

wfm, too. Yet it currently yields

Running Nextcloud
Latest patch level: YES

…which is wrong since 27.1.4 is the latest bugfix release, and

Running Nextcloud
Latest patch level: NO

…which is also wrong since 28.0.0 was released today.

I did not find where to report that properly. This forum is the wrong place.

Apart from that, I think it was good practice in the past that a .0-Version is not shown when auto-checking the “Stable” channel. At least for some time today, the file on the Nextcloud servers must have shown 28.0.0 since some of my “Stable” instances wanted to be upgraded to 28.0.0.

This particular server will not update, no matter how long I wait after triggering rescan:

I cannot disclose the url publicly, but can send a PM if required.

@Daphne not sure which repository to use for the security scanner. But since people probably use this mostly after upgrades to verify their setup, it would be great to prioritize it a bit more in your list:

I hope it is because they are updating it. It mostly checks based on the version you are using, and with the newest version this should be ok.

Indeed that’s the case. I can see that the changes for 28 are already made internally. Deployment is scheduled, so if you just updated to 28 the results might indicate that there’s an update missing, while it’s not.

Which isn’t really an issue, since you know that your on the latest patch version, right? :wink:

But I’m of course aware that people always get nervous when they see a red X somewhere in a test, even if it’s obvious that something has been wrongly identified. :wink:

I think this is the right place:

However, I would just wait and try again at a later point. They probably just haven’t got round updating the test yet. This is not the first time it has faild to detect a new version correctly on day one after a new release.

Yes, that’s exactly what I wanted to point out :slight_smile:

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Nope, this one is archived. There’s currently no public repo for scan. It’s fine to mention it here, but again, there are lots of things to handle on release date and deploying will be done, but it’s not be first item on the list.

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Oh, right. I missed the orange banner at the top. Probably need another coffee :wink:

In my case, the server is on the latest NC 26 (26.0.9), and the scan is not even triggering.

On my screenshot you see that the last scan was in August 2023. I tried multiple times to rescan since last week, to no avail.

It’s got nothing to do with the release of NC 28.

Did you refresh the page after a few minutes?

Of course, dozens of times.
Clicked re-scan, waited hours…even days…
Rinse, repeat.

I found out the cause of the problem.

Turns out the firewall had IP location restricted to France geography. is definitely not challenging server with French based IP (and why would it anyway…).

So the problem is solved, but I would suggest an error message like “host unreachable” instead of “nothing”.

Merry Christmas to all.

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