Is rebranding allowed?


I’m wondering if rebranding Nextcloud is allowed. So in my locality, if I try to pitch Nextcloud as an alternative tech stack it won’t work. But if I pitch it as Sydney Cloud, Sydney Talk and Chat, Sydney Office, Sydney Mail etc etc then it might be used better. Not sure if anyone gets this but instead of using an online software basically a renamed local version (completely based on the latest nextcloud) might grab better attention.

So is this legally allowed?

Would it be allowed to basically slap rename on all the apps and write down ‘based on nextcloud’ ?

Also, from a tech standpoint how difficult do you think if would be to rename only the front splashes and a few front urls etc while keeping it open that this is based on nextcloud and so all internal naming will be nextcloud.

Appreciate a response


Yep, see above.

Good luck with that. You’ll have to work with the Apple store and Google Play, etc. to add your re-branded apps. Or, simply use the normal Nextcloud apps for free with whatever theming you prefer and just accept the mobile / desktop apps will be called Nextcloud. :person_shrugging: :heart:


Oh wow! … This is exactly what I needed.

Thank you very much!

One last thought. If I theme it and market it in the new themes name I assume it’s perfectly legal and allowed because it’s a theme and I’m not hiding that this is based on Nextcloud ? right ?

:person_shrugging: I mean, it is still Nextcloud. You can theme it however you want. Providing Nextcloud as a service is a totally legit thing to do. Hope it works out for you.

If your goal is to provide enterprise level Nextcloud to many clients your best bet will be to pay for an enterprise subscription so you can blame them when something goes wrong.

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You can look at german MagentaCLOUD a branded Nextcloud. You can use e.g. the Android MagentaCloud client or iOS MagentaCLOUD client But i use the normal Android Nextcloud client. I think the client works better and i can e.g. include different Nextclouds including MagentaCLOUD. There is also the iOS Nextcloud client. MagentaCLOUD hides Nextcloud a bit but there are documents e.g. here. But in the end, it’s also just a normal Nextcloud instance but with fewer functions. I don’t know whether the client has any advantages apart from the branding.

Another example is Shadow Drive but on this homepage is a nice video with Frank Karlitschek from Nextcloud GmbH.

Anyone can find out whether it is a Nextcloud or not by calling https://cloud.server.tld/status.php at the latest. Also the user can read the browser html, css, javascript code.

You should give it up. Either Nextcloud is accepted or not. In principle, you’re just trying to deceive users with your branding. This contradicts the basic idea of free software.

Nextcloud · GitHub


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