Is public read-only configuration possible with NextCloud?

I installed NextCloud 10. In order to see any files, I need either

  • to login OR
  • to use shared links.

However, what I want is site, which when opened (like WWW.MYSITE.COM) will present list of files, published on the site. Available only for read-only access / view / download.
Without logging in.

Is it possible?

The goal for me (and 2 more admins) to publish our musical notes archive and make it publicly available.

The representation in the file share view is ok? Then you can just link (or redirect) to this shared link.

Do you already have such a thing configured and you only want to manage the storage with Nextcloud. If it is the same server, you can use a local folder as external storage (or SMB, SFTP, or any other of the supported external storages) to integrate the folder into Nextcloud.

Yea, that’s what I eventually decided to do.

And since I wanted visitors, who typed MYSITE.COM to see list of files, instead of login prompt, I created share and added it to .htaccess:

RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^www.mysite\.com$ [NC]
RewriteRule ^/?$ [R=301,L]

I’m not sure, if it will persist after upgrades

It’ll be fine through upgrades, I haven’t seen the link format change in forever :slight_smile:

I was looking into this last night when I saw your post, tried a few things with redirect in my Apache site conf and toyed with iframes, though as resources aren’t hard-coded and there’s a cross origin header in place I wasnt having much luck.

@tflidd pydio allows for embedding shared folder contents in webpages as embeds, can we see something like that for NC?

I think there were ways:
but there have been feature requests to use a nice link (with file name and extension):

Not quite what I’m after, rather something like:

Which is what Pydio can do (obviously ignoring my horrid photoshop job).

And you include that with an iframe? The current security settings probably wouldn’t allow that, but perhaps on a different subdomain?

I don’t recall the method for doing this, beyond that it was an <embed> which very likely means an iframe. I know this could be done way back in early owncloud days, but the prevention of cross-domain embeds put a stop to this, which is a shame.

I would be interested in this as well, from the viewpoint of having a Read-Only folder on a client device for people to always have current documents, but not be able to alter or delete them.

Example: I support a group that commonly has 200+ people out in the wilderness, and group organizers need to have a copy of their Schedules / Notes / Guides on their phones or tablets - preferably seeded while they are on Wi-Fi before they head out, and potentially lose a good cell signal. In order to do this, we could drop all the documents into a folder that has generic credentials for them to log in and download everything… but not be able to alter or delete them and potentially cause issues for other users. (Admins or the appropriate users could still update, of course.)

I like all the features, described here.
However, I think we are talking about few different issues:

  1. Configuration of the home (base) page. Want to have ability to see list of files, instead of login prompt. Can be done via .htaccess redirect. My example:

  2. Embed widget.

  3. Read-only user folders.

Would be nice to gel them all :slight_smile:

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