Is proc_open required

Is proc_open required for Nextcloud Talk?

I get this log error twice a day at the exact same time. Talk is working and Mattermost app is not installed.

cron Error: Call to undefined function OCA\Talk\proc_open()

/xxx/apps/spreed/lib/MatterbridgeManager.php - line 725:

/xxx/apps/spreed/lib/MatterbridgeManager.php - line 851:

/xxx/apps/spreed/lib/BackgroundJob/CheckMatterbridges.php - line 66:

/xxx/lib/public/BackgroundJob/Job.php - line 78:

/xxx/lib/public/BackgroundJob/TimedJob.php - line 103:

/xxx/lib/public/BackgroundJob/TimedJob.php - line 93:

/xxx/cron.php - line 152:

Nextcloud 25.0.2
PHP 8.1
Latest app version

A simple question, is proc_open required for Nextcloud Talk or the Mattermost app?

proc_open is required for Nextcloud Talk.

Only if matterbridge (I think that’s what @NC100 is referring to) is used and for integration tests, but not for the “normal” Talk functionality.

See Use proc_open to run system commands in bridge manager by julien-nc · Pull Request #4746 · nextcloud/spreed · GitHub

Okay, thanks! Isn’t it strange that I get this log error when Matterbridge is not installed?

This should only run if matterbridge is enabled:
Did you enable matterbridge at some point?

Edit: Ah, no it tries to stop the bridges, that’s why you see this. Hm.

So there was a similar report at Error in logs · Issue #5958 · nextcloud/spreed · GitHub
Besides being annoying, there’s no harm in the error. I would just ignore it. If you feel this needs addressed, you can open a issue at the spreed repo, but the result might be the same as in the issue mentioned above.

Solved it by removing row OCA\Talk\BackgroundJob\CheckMatterbridges from database table oc_jobs