Is possible reduce an Image/video file size before uploading to a server

My problem:
I have a share that receives a lot of sizeable photos and videos from cell phones.
The specific problems are various … slow connections, radio links that change and upload that stops, server disk space used unnecessarily because it would be enough to resize the images.

Now I use a server-side script that resizes the images received during the day every day, but this only solves the server-side disk space and not the rest: smooth uploads and reliable transfers.
The ideal would be to have the ability to resize images and videos as most e-mail or messaging clients (eg whatsapp) do before uploading. (it will create a copy that can be released once upload has been successfully completed).
Isn’t this a customization that someone has already implemented and maybe it’s not part of the official package?
Who can help me?

Hi, this has not much to do with nextcloud itself. It is up to the client you are using to upload the data, you should check its configuration.

What client do you use on the mobile?

Several different workflow apps exist which allow to execute commands on e.g. file uploads etc. Have a look on his thread please or use the search function of the forum

This might also a way to go:

Tks for your response…

Workflow media converter acts on the server only after receiving the un-reduced file, so it is not needed for what I wrote above.

The clients on the mobile are the nextcloud official app.
Of course I can use another app that reduces photos, then after having reduced them, I share, select NextCloud app, and load the photo reduced in size, but these are steps that not all end users digest …
It would be much better to have reduced image or video upload function directly from Nexcloud app …
I hope I have clarified …

Maybe you can use apps on iOS or Android.

But it also would be a cool feature in the Nextcloud Mobile and Desktop Apps.

I agree, this would be an interesting feature. But for me personally, not that useful.

Maybe you can try the app FolderSync on android, it has a lot of functionality in terms of synchronization and automation.
This in combination with for example marcodroid to do the compression could be a client side solution.