Is occ file:scan safe to use when the server is encrypted?


All is in the title. I’ve been told that occ file:scan could have a negative effect when the files are encrypted on the server. But it happily runs and there are no warnings so I wonder. Is it doing anything useful ?


Normally, there shouldn’t be the need of it since you are not supposed to change anything in the data folder manually (if you need changes by external processes, use external local storage, external here means external to Nextcloud. And normally you use this server-side encryption only on external storage on other servers). If you repeatedly have problems that some files were uploaded but not properly indexed, I’d rather investigate this issue (e.g. possible database timeouts). Encryption is more problematic in case something goes wrong and you want to know right away, the rescan could perhaps mask such problems.

Thanks for the answer regarding the fact that occ file:scan won’t do anything useful on a server that is encrypted, it is helpful :slight_smile:

I will remember that for sure. But it not a widely known fact and I’m sure other admins may run it anyways. Should I be concerned that running it will have an adverse effect on the data that reside on the server ?