Is not the server master, the desktop is the slave?

My desktop client was down for couple of weeks. Meanwhile I deleted some files from my nextcloud server. Today when my client was up, it started to upload the deleted files. It behaved as if it is the master. Should not the server is the main source for the clients?

Nextcloud version 19.0.3
Client version 3.0.1 windows

Sorry, what?
If you delete files on your server and they are on your computer you have the desktop client running on it will just backup the files again.
I don’t know if this helps

So this creates a problem. For example you have 5 desktop client connected to the nextcloud server. One of the client is down (may be the office is closed temporary). So you have 4 desktop client and the server. 1 month passes of course you add files, edit files or delete files.

When the 5th desktop client is online, it will upload the deleted files while it was down, download the files that was created during that period, and no idea what will happen to the edited files.


I think that it will update the edited files but I don’t use the desktop client, I am not allowed to download software on my computer so I just use flow upload but I think that is how it works, I really don’t know for sure.

Normally the server is the master and propagates delete commands to all clients. Why did it fail in your case? Did your rescan your files, then the file lists are perhaps not synchronous, …

Create a file on one client, wait until it is synced to all others, then delete it from the web-interface (or one client) and check if the deletion is done on all clients. If that works, we just have to check, why it doesn’t work over time. If that fails, there is something else wrong.

Thank you all, will create alternative cases and test. Just wanted to confirm the server-client relation. Cheers.

PS: my only lead is when I install nextcloud (the docker way) , I used this client to upload the initial data. After that I installed the clients. and distribute from the server. May be it somehow affects the relation.