Is NextCloud feasible for this operation?

I’m new to NextCloud, I have read the docs but I’m in a state of confusion. I’m building a tool which will be having these features:

User: Alpha
Computers: A, B and C (all machines run Linux OS)
NextCloud server: Server X

All the computer are running a headless Linux OS and are located in different region.

The user Alpha creates an account on Server X. The user will be having multiple Linux computer (Headless).

The user maintains a file let’s say TODO List on every computer. He will be removing or adding entries from the file using different computer. He will be able to sync only TODO List file and not other files.
All the machines will run a script at a specific interval which pulls the files from the Server X (Maybe using the API to do this stuff?).
Is it possible to automatically sync the TODO List file across three of his machines using NextCloud?


Someone without technical knowledge of Nextcloud;

Yeah files sync across all devices. So you could create a text or odt or docx To Do List file and sync across all devices in one folder, and disable sync for all other folders.

Or Nextcloud has an extension (forgot the name) that lets you add a .md file in a folder which creates a write up that displays at the bottom a folder, like how Github/Gitlab have that feature on project pages.

There’s also a basic task manager/kanban extension you could use as well that would sync across all devices.

The API auto pulling of files at specific intervals I don’t know enough about sorry. I’m not aware if you can do mass push commands across devices with Nextcloud. There’s probably some OEM feature set, or you could do a one off with Nextcloud enterprise support for them to help you set it up.