Is Nextcloud 15 "stable" or not?



Finally updated my server.
Move to php7.2 from 7.0.
Move from Oauth v1 to Oauth v2 key.
Used beta channel. Aside several app not yet updated, no troubles.
During update (web), nc15 complaining external_user files problems. Had to manually clone latest files through github.
After updated, well-known caldav… Broken. Manually fix.
After update, had to run occ command for db-fix …
Update successful, but not friendly.


It’s not a seamless upgrade, but what do we expect? It’s FOSS and that alone makes it wonderful. :slight_smile:


Nextcloud is up to 15, and I’ve upgraded at least 20 times since I started using it (since upgrading from Owncloud), and while not a single upgrade has been seamless, 15 was the smoothest upgrade for me to date.

14.0.3 had a regression that left one of my directories unusable on the web interface (but just fine in the app), but that was fixed in 14.0.4. When I upgraded PHP from 7.0 to 7.2, I got lots of errors, and upgrading to 15.0.0 fixed them all.

Nextcloud certainly hasn’t reached the level of maturity of software that I could hand over to non-technical family members to maintain (it certainly isn’t OS X), but my limited experience with 15 has so far been better than my past experiences, and with a little tweaking, everything I use currently works flawlessly.


Is there a simple FAQ or procedure for upgrading from the Beta NC15 release to the production NC15 release?


not really, but it is easy if your dare to do it now.


If you are still on the beta update-channel, it should give you the current NC 15 version. Don’t forget to switch the channel to stable after that. If not you will get NC 16 testing versions when they start the beta tests.


Sorry, but I have no idea what you are referring to. I haven’t gotten the “lingo” of Nextcloud yet :slight_smile: In regards to “channels”, what exactly do you mean by that? Is there some sort of thing like a repo that I have to set, or are you referring to where to download the code from? I’m just not sure what to do with the download package once I have it, and don’t want to overwrite my entire installation by accident. Some documentation here would be really helpful. Not sure if anyone ever went to the trouble to support these upgrades with documentation yet though.


@Myles_Wakeham In all NC version, when log in as an admin, under the /index.php/settings/admin/overview you get to choose the channel used for futur update:

Using the web interface to update your serveris easy …



Hi there.

It seems when I want to correct the date of birth for one of my contaca (it is currently set to 11 jan 1941) I can edit the value but as soon as I want to move to the correct entry (10 jan 1941) the web ui displays “invalid date”. Wondering what is so special about the date and why the web ui would not allow me to change it I used my smart phone to change the value, then used OpenSync to transfer that into Nextcloud. When checking the date of birth for that contact I again see the “invalid date” value, but in my phone now I had 10 dec 1940. Probably the sync was Nextcloud->Phone.

Correcting the value in the phone again now I can see the correct 10 jan 1941.

But what may have happend to Nextcloud to behave so strange in the date picker?

BTW, I am running an unknown version of Nextcloud. No, in reality I am running 15.0.0 but as a user it seems I cannot find out such crucial information.

Side question: Why do I need to logon as admin to see the software version?



@hiran Let me fitst explain, that the correct way to ask questions in this formu is, to search the forum and bug tracker first to find out if a problem has already discussed or reported. Then you should always select a meaningful subject which summarizes the main topic of your request instead of picking-up a thread randomly and adding a couple of different questions.

See for further information concerning your question.

Why should a user be interested in the version number? Usually it’s the job of an administrator to debug issue etc. so he should know what need to be done. Just my two cent :wink:


Hello j-ed.

Oh yes I just replied to some email. Will do what you described, and also follow that thread.

Thank you for the quick reply.

Regarding the version: Even if a user does not need this information (our opinions seem to vary here), why is it not displayed? What is so harmful about that?



15.0.1 was released in the stable branch today.


Administration -> Overview -> Version needs a redesign.

Right now i get the following notification

Update to Nextcloud 14.0.5 is available.

if I click on it I get the following:



Nextcloud 14.0.4

Your version is up to date.`

Please developers, tell me how this isn’t broken and working as intended!

BTW, I’m on the stable update channel.



15.0.2 WAS released in the stable branch today…

Update done without problem except:

  • app “external_user” was shutdown, not detected as incompatible
  • app “right click” declared as incompatible


sorry, write to fast…

took opportunitie to clean the nextcloud.log

i am getting a bunch of

{"reqId":"5eUY30xxxxxxxxxxxkn","level":1,"time":"2019-01-13T00:26:07+00:00","remoteAddr":"","user":"google-10xxxxxxxxxxx490","app":"no app in context","method":"GET","url":"\/index.php\/settings\/user","message":{"Exception":"OCP\\AppFramework\\QueryException","Message":"Could not resolve state! Cl$


“right click” is now available :wink:


The release cycle of NC15 (fourth point release in a VERY short time) proves very little stability IMHO.

It feels to me that the Nextcloud team is very stressed and rushed lately. From my perspective they could perhaps use some new blood for their project management and PR/communication…


They’re doing too many things at once. I still don’t understand why they bother developing Talk when they announced a partnership with for integration. Seems like they’re wasting resources trying to be everything for everyone when people want solid support of existing features as they relate to file sharing and hosting. Let partners do the stuff like chatroom development and CMS.


You are right. They are doing a lot of development. And they do it very well. The Talk app for example is a very good alternative and very essential for me. The audi/video quality is very good. But you should use a real pc, not the slow pi3. My NC 15.0.4 servers are all stable without any issue. 2FA also works well.
At the moment I am testing the apps.
I will report if there ist something wrong.